Halloween Is The New Christmas (Costco, no!)

by the other theo

I seem to recall one of the Charlie Brown TV specials where the Peanuts gang go into a store in the summer and find a large amount of Christmas merchandise with a large banner that says “Only 95 Shopping Days Left!” or some such thing.  They balk.

I felt the same way upon seeing a large display of what are obviously Halloween costumes when I shopped at Costco yesterday:


The most insidious thing about the display is that it is about Halloween purposely without saying so.   The boys costumes were labeled “Boys role-playing costumes”, and the girls costumes were called something similar.   Oh please!   The only time that Costco has sold costumes in the past was for Halloween.  How is this year different?

I suppose this was inevitable.   Commercialization of Halloween has done nothing but increase over the last decade.  Where once it was a holiday where you carved a pumpkin and threw together costumes for the kids (or if there was a costume party on a nearby weekend, adults), now there are lights, decorations, and professional costumes of all shapes and sizes.  While the All Hallows Eve religious context of the occasion was always a little shaky in minds of many, this stabs a stake right through its heart.  I fear it shall not survive the commercial onslaught.