Unintended Consequences Of Warm Weather

by the other theo

The weather has been hot out here in California lately, if you’ve been watching the news.   It’s had some uncomfortable and unintended consequences.

As an aside: the Peanut (my son) is a toddler and we are working on potty training.   Though fatherhood is a big part of my life, and is a topic I plan to discuss regularly in this blog, I’m not a big fan of a lot of talk about potty training.  I generally lump it into the category of “too much information.”

One thing that happens when it gets very hot is that the Peanut starts eating less solid food and drinking more milk.  He’s like the Missus and loves milk to death, and normally drinks quite a bit of it anyway, but he really kicks into high gear when the weather is warm.   Fluid that goes in has to come out, and it has… in floods that sometimes overwhelm the diaper or pullup that he’s wearing.

So there have been leaks.   There was one on the sofa cushions earlier this week (thank goodness for Scotch Guard.)   I had to change the sheets on his bed yesterday morning after he’d been up a while.   This morning, the Peanut knocked on our bedroom door at 3:30am with his pajama bottoms soaked in the front.    The Missus took to changing him, while I looked to see if his bed needed new sheets and somehow, it didn’t.

After that, the Peanut did not want to go back to sleep.   I laid down next to his bed for about 45 minutes.   Then he was invited into the big bed with the Missus and myself when my back started to bother me.  The Peanut rolled and squirmed for about 30 minutes.   I decided to return him to his bed and me to the floor of his room.  When another 30 minutes of that passed, I gave up.   The Peanut and I adjourned to the living room to catch some Phineas & Ferb on the sofa together.

The Peanut did eventually fall asleep at about 6:45am and slept for around 3 hours.   I got to sleep around 7:15am and slept for about two.   I still feel more than a little tired from the interruption of my sleep cycle.

Stupid hot weather.  It’s messing with my life, and in more than the obvious ways.