The Peanut and The Pumpkin

by the other theo

It’s October 30th and it looks like there may not be much Halloween at our house this year.

The Peanut is having none of the Halloween costume business.   We purchased two commercial costumes for him, a firefighter and an astronaut, and we asked him for weeks which one he would prefer to be.   His answer was and continues to be a shake of the head and “no no no.”

We tried to remind him that he’s done this before.  The Missus keeps a little scrapbook of what he wears every year for Halloween.   He was Jack Skellington one year, a dragon (or a dinosaur, or a crocodile) for another, and a really great Lightning McQueen the next after that.   He loves to look at that scrapbook.   Yet you ask him what he wants to be for Halloween this year and it’s still “no no no”.

We got Halloween pictures made this year.  The Missus and I decided that we should at least try to put him into the firefighter costume.   He wore it… for about 30 seconds at a time.    We joked during the session that we should call him “Magic Mike” because all he does as soon as he gets into the uniform is pull it off and throw the pieces around the room.    Still, the photographer managed to get some decent shots of the Peanut in costume.   I guess modern digital SLR cameras have a fairly rapid capture speed.

Today was the Halloween party at the Peanut’s preschool.   Because the Missus had to go to work, I was left alone to get the Peanut dressed.  I offered the fireman costume.   The answer was “no no no”.  I called the Missus and she came up with an alternative: the Peanut recently got a set of glow in the dark skeleton pajamas that he enjoys wearing.   I offered those to him.  The answer was still “no no no” and the Peanut began opening drawers in his dresser to get regular clothes.  Finally, I offered him a third choice: a Halloween-themed Disney shirt with a Mickey head composed of pumpkins.   He liked that.

We went to preschool.  I brought along the fireman outfit and the skeleton pajamas in case the Peanut changed his mind.  I had told him before we left that others in the classroom would be in costume.   As soon as he saw the door, he sat down about 25 feet away at a plastic picnic table and got this very uncertain look on his face.  When one of his teachers came out the door dressed in black with a pointy hat as a witch, he started bawling.

He wanted nothing to do with that classroom.   I picked him up and brought him in.  He ran back out again.  I tried to calm him down and guided him to a playroom next to his classroom.   There, he played with toys and seemed a bit brighter.  I asked if he would go next door with me to see what his classmates were doing.  He agreed to come.  As soon as he saw someone in costume, he started screeching again.  I carried him to an activity table where there were puzzles that he usually likes.  He started playing.  I headed for the door.

As I got close to my car, I could hear him screeching again.   I decided to see if he was ok.  I found him bawling on the floor about 6 feet from the classroom door with one of his teachers (the witch) blocking his exit.   I told him goodbye and he uncertainly said “bye”.   I turned my back and left.

Sometimes you just need to cut the cord and walk away.

So like I said: I’m not sure how much Halloween there will be at our house this year.