Twenty-One Days And Counting

by the other theo

I’m having trouble connecting with Thanksgiving this year.   It is three weeks away, and part of me wishes it was three months from now.

I don’t think it will be an especially big production this year.  It’s likely going to just be me, the Peanut, the Missus, and her Dad.  I’ll likely be working with recipes that I used last time around.   If recipes were poker, I think I’d have a pretty strong hand:

Turkey Roulade courtesy of Julia Child and Jacques Pepin or Turkey Porchetta from Serious Eats

Corn Bread Stuffing from Craig Claiborne (this is not the exact version of the recipe I have, but it’s close)

Cranberry Sauce With Pinot Noir from Epicurious

Mashed Sweet Potatoes from Cook’s Illustrated

A vegetable of some sort — looks like it was Brussels Sprouts last year.

Apple pie — I generally like to use apples from our tree, but drought claimed them all this all this year.

I’m just thinking about how tired I was the day after Thanksgiving last year… no make that 2-3 days.   I keep telling myself that if I start the prep earlier, I can do less on the day.   I need to order a turkey, or at least a turkey breast.   I should make turkey stock.

Of course, Thanksgiving is just the start of a whole month of holiday preparations.   Gifts need to be purchased.   Holiday goodies need to be baked.   A tree must be purchased and decorated.   Somewhere in there, I turn a year older.

This year, I just don’t feel up to it.   Or I can simplify the whole thing somehow.  It’s a delicious meal when I make it right.  It’s would be a shame to skip it, right?