by the other theo

It was a tough Summer and Early Fall for my personal fitness and weight loss regime.   After a key breakthrough in early 2014 that dropped my weight between 15 and 20 lbs between January and May (down to the weight I had in my mid-20s), I fell off the proper diet wagon.   Especially in the evenings, I ate too much, and too much of the wrong stuff.

I almost made it to 47 pounds of weight loss at my lowest weight in 2014.  Within 6 weeks, I added on about 4 pounds and held there for about a month.   Two months later, I’d added another 4-5 pounds.

What I was eating felt so bad and so good at the same time.   I was clearly leaning on food for some kind of comfort or release.  At the same time, the sugar roller coaster was unnerving to ride.    Part of weight loss and better fitness is journey of growing repulsed at such extremes of feeling.

Finally, I had enough about 3 weeks ago.  I found the will to stop.   I’ve dropped a pound or two since then.

I am remembering a blogger friend who transformed her life and ran her first half marathon in 2014.   I need to hold the line through the holiday season.   I’m not sure where I want this to end up, but somewhere close to 45 pounds of weight loss sounds like a worthwhile goal, for now.