With the power of the lamp, which turns night into day…

by the other theo

I never was much of a fan of the 1990’s show Seinfeld.  While I recognized the show’s frequent embrace of utter silliness, I also felt that the show sought truths that didn’t particularly interest me.  So I think I can count the number of episodes I’ve seen most or all of on one hand… or maybe two.

That said, our house lately resembles Kramer’s apartment in The Kenny Roaster episode — one of the few I do know:

We live near the end of a cul-de-sac with a street light at the turn around.  The bulb in that light died sometime in late 2013 or early 2014, and despite multiple attempts on our part to alert the Public Works Department to the problem, nothing was done for a long time.

Last week, the reason for the delay became clear.    The city also announced plans last year to replace the orange sodium-vapor lamps in the lights with bright(!) white LED lamps.   Rather than replace the dead bulb immediately with another orange bulb they would eventually replace, the city waited until our street was scheduled for the LED upgrade and replaced everything.

The change with the new bulb is rather startling, to say the least.   After several years of dull orange light, and then who knows how many months of no light at all, the front of our house is now bathed in bright white light.   There is no need for a night light in either our living room or front bedroom.   Both rooms now appear to be in a perpetual state of blue-white pre-dawn illumination.

Despite some early morning visits from the Peanut, I feel no sense of personal metamorphosis:

Then again, the Peanut is not likely to know where to find counterfeit Russian fur products.