No love from the Interwebz

by the other theo

I am getting no love from the Interwebz this week, at least when it comes to buying things.

I purchased a CD off dDay last Saturday. I got an e-mail from the seller on Tuesday saying that they got my money and would be sending it shorty. It’s Friday. Since I received no further work about shipment, I wrote the seller this morning.  He sent me two replies: “let me check with the wife; I post, she ships” and “oops, I’m very sorry because she somehow forgot to drop it in the mail.”

Shortly after that piece of joy, I heard from the dealership in Florida who is selling me jack tools after last weekend’s tire buying and lug nut odyssey.   They e-mailed me earlier in the week to let me know that they expected those parts to arrive from the warehouse today, and would ship them out to me the day they came in.  Alas, one of the parts is on a 2-4 day back order from the distributor.

So, nothing in the mail for me.