Halloween Hijinks

I am pleased to report that Halloween 2015 went much better than that of the previous year for the Peanut.  Last year, if you will recall, he was having none of this costume business for Halloween.   He would barely wear a costume when we tried to have professional photos taken.   He refused to wear a costume for his school Halloween party.  On Halloween night, he had to be tricked into wearing the costume as rain gear until he started to enjoy going up and ringing doorbells.

The Peanut dressed as an astronaut, reusing one of the costumes that we had leftover from last year.   We started getting him used to the idea early this year, as far back as mid-September at least.   The Missus periodically asked him if he wanted to be an astronaut for Halloween.  He wasn’t too enthusiastic, but he wasn’t hostile either.  As time went on, we also developed a backup plan: an In-N-Out carhop costume consisting of khaki pants, a white shirt, a red cloth apron with a bit safety pin, and a paper In-N-Out hat.

By the time the Saturday morning for costume pictures came around, the Peanut seemed OK with wearing the costume for a few minutes.   He was such a good boy at pictures this year!  He sat on the little set the photographer was using, first holding his costume astronaut helmet (stuffed with a bike helmet and a semi-clear plastic bag to give it shape and create the appearance of a clear visor) and then wearing the helmet in various positions by himself and with the Missus and me.   The photographer got some great shots.  The Missus and I were immediately heartened by his response.

Another two tests came on the Thursday and Friday before Halloween.   The Peanut had two Halloween parties this year, since he goes to two schools.  The first was for the Special Ed. preschool class that he attends Monday through Thursday.   That went well.  He walked into the classroom in costume and stayed involved in the festivities.   The second was at the school he attended last year, where he still goes on Fridays.   There was more resistance, maybe in part because it was a warm day and not terribly comfortable to be an astronaut.   He didn’t keep his costume on much during class, but the Missus tells me that he seemed otherwise pretty well behaved.  There was a third costume event to attend during the day on Halloween, but we were all busy and tired.  The Missus and I decided not to push our luck by putting the Peanut in costume again before he had to go out that night.

As for trick-or-treating on Halloween night went, there was a little complaining early on but the Peanut warmed to the prospect pretty quickly.  Again, I think feeling warm in the costume was an issue.   Once he got into the cool evening air around 6:30pm, the complaining stopped pretty fast.   I went with him, the Missus, and Auntie M. to the end of the block and back.   The Peanut was great — and did a much better job of saying “trick or treat” and “thank you” this year.

After that, the Peanut, the Missus, and Auntie M. headed for the next block over and I headed back to our porch to have my Corpse Reviver No. 2.  A few large groups of kids that we saw heading toward our house during our initial round of trick-or-treating took a large majority of the candy we left in a basket.  Thankfully, few other kids came along by the time I returned.

The Peanut cleaned up in the candy department.   Before heading out, the Missus emptied his candy bag into the back of the folding wagon used to carry him to the next block because it was getting heavy.   Seeing that, the Peanut emptied his bag into the back of the wagon every time he came back from a house.   This evidently increased his take, because more than one adult saw his empty bag and tried to make up for his imagined late start.