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Category: That Is All

The Things You Say Sometimes

Something I found myself saying on social media this week (now deleted):

I would go to a prayer meeting if there was bourbon and Count Chocula afterward… well, unless it was cheap, rotgut bourbon.

That is all.


We’re still in a drought. Honest.

Dear Fellow Gym Patron I Sometimes See In The Locker Room,

Turning on two adjacent shower heads in the communal shower area so the one you are using “stays hotter” wastes 50% of the water.

What part of “we are in a drought” do you not understand?

That is all.

Great Expectations

A statement overheard during the weekend:

You don’t have huge expectations for a day that starts out with a child handing you poop that’s fallen out of his diaper.

That is all.

Feeling His Love…

… because God surely must be holding us tight today.

IMG_1432That is all.

It had to be you, lovable you

Overheard at the supermarket this afternoon:  nothing says “love” like a hairy heart-shaped box filled with beef jerky.

jack_links_sasquatchThat is all.

Rain! The crops are saved!

The California drought nearly ended yesterday (at least in our front yard) with a dramatic downpour….


…until the rain stopped after about 90 seconds.  That is all.